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‘Wealth Buddy’ is an innovative personal financial planning tool created by Guardian Acuity exclusively designed for professionals and high achievers. Wealth Buddy helps you systematically prioritize financial goals at an early age while navigating them to overcome various constraints, offering valuable advice to plan their future finances without getting into avoidable financial distress.

Why do you need to plan your investments systematically

Disciplined approach for investments

Investing on a pre-set date every month, makes you set aside a fixed sum of money to invest, your small investments can lead to a big fund over time.

Power of compounding

Start a systematic investment plan early and enjoy the power of compounding. The longer you keep the money invested, greater are the benefits of compounding as you earn interest on interest.

Affordability- Lighter on the wallet

A systematic investment plan offers convenience, where you invest a small amount periodically without affecting your household budget..

Achieve financial goals

A systematic investment plan is a smart tool that helps break your big goals into small amounts. Start investing regularly through a systematic investment plan to achieve your dreams.
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It is critically important that your financial decisions be made with a good understanding, insight and confidence. The experienced Wealth Advisors at Guardian Acuity are geared to offer you sound financial advice so you can make informed decisions regarding your future.

Prioritizing your financial goals smartly, avoiding constraints and having clarity are vital when making financial decisions for your future. Our Wealth Advisors are ready to go through your goals and plans with virtual, one-to-one exclusive advise.


‘Wealth Buddy’, our Wealth Planning Tool is also now available for professionals and high achievers like yourself. You can now experience the convenience of Wealth Buddy in the comfort of your home with virtual one to one advice!

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Tax Planning

With a decade of experience in Tax Planning and Preparation, the tax experts at Guardian Acuity will provide you comprehensive advice on tax implications relating to your financial decisions, review your tax status and provide general guidelines to maximize your tax benefits.
We can also connect you with the best tax practitioners, and make sure your tax process is done right ensuring that you save the most from your hard-earned money without having to make unnecessary payments.

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Ask a Wealth

  • What is the next big financial decision that you will be making? Buying a vehicle? Perhaps a property? Growing your wealth? Or retire well?
  • Or are you Interested in listening to an interactive discussion on future economic outlook or movement in interest rates before making any investment decisions?
  • Guardian Acuity is here to help you make that decision in an informed manner.
  • We are conducting frequent webcasts with our wealth advisors and you are more than welcome to join and learn how to plan your investments in a way to achieve your life's goals.
  • You can send us all your questions prior to the session, and we pledged to answer those, and further share some interesting insights on investing and planning.