Only rich can invest in Unit Trusts
Unit trust is an investment option that can be used by anyone to achieve their financial goals. You can make a lump sum investment or regular investments depending on your investment need. There are Unit trust funds where you can start investing with only Rs 1,000/-. So yes! It very much lighter on the wallet!
Units Trust investment are only for experts
Totally not! You don’t need to be an expert to invest in a unit trust. There is an expert fund manager who make all investment decisions on your behalf! Also don’t forget! his decisions are backed by the insights given by a research team
It is same as investing in share market
No! Unit Trusts invests in various investment classes ranging from share market investments to fixed income investments or a combination of both.
You can only invest for a long term
Not completely true! You can pick your unit trust investment based on your investment need. For example a money market unit trust allows you to invest for a very short time period whereas you can invest in an equity unit trust for a long term.